Youth employment projects in Gaza and West Bank.

With i-Invest, iTrust creates employment for Christian young people. We do this to offer young people a future in their own country. Together we look at their opportunities and give them the skills to commit themselves to their own society. The aim is to enable young people who participate in employment projects in the long term to build an independent and sustainable life. By investing in lives, we invest in society as a whole.

iTrust focuses with its i-Invest projects on the needs of the community such as clean energy, the environment, clean drinking water and hygiene.

With the knowledge we have, we are able to support the new generation in a better and more beautiful society. iTrust believes that if you can develop yourself as a person, you can contribute to society. This will affect all levels of society and contribute to peace, specifically for the Holy Land.

Medical support and practical assistance to people who, due to poverty or in situations of violence, do not have access to direct help.

iCare – care / emergency aid / food distribution

Throughout the iCare program, iTrust provides concrete help to people in need. Due to the bad economic situation, there is little or no work. As a result, many Palestinians live in poverty and do not have the opportunity to provide their families in their daily needs. Due the shortage of finance; medical care is not accessible for many.

The iCare program is about necessary and short-term assistance.

iTrust, for example, organizes “Medical Days”. During these days, the Palestinian population is enabled to receive free medical assistance.

Support or requests for help from individual people and organizations, which strengthens local leadership. From i-Support we can also support existing or new projects of partner organizations that contribute to the goals of iTrust.

iTrust supports individual requests for help with iSupport. In addition, we are looking for opportunities to financially and / or actively support organizations that work among the same target group like iTrust.

A condition for working together with an organization is that local potential leadership is strengthened and that cooperation can thus be built up.

iTrust depends on local people who want to build a society with and for each other.